FEBRUARY 22, 2024

FEBRUARY 22 thru FEBRUARY 28, 2024 TENNESSEE 931-552-1160 • E PEDDLER.COM • KENTUCKY 270-885-7232 PAGE 3 855-744-1799 otaOfH opkinsville.com 4395 FORT CAMPBELL BOULEVARD HOPKINSVILLE, KY 42240 prohibited. N o purchase necessary. Purchase does not increase od ds of winning. Complete rules available at Toyota of Hopkinsville during the event. Promotion begins 2/19/24 and ends on 3/2/24. Open to legal US residents, age 18 or older wh must redeem original mail piece in person by close of business on 3/2/24 and complete a validation & registration survey that includes name, address & phone number. Other applicable information will be required from prospective vehicle buyer l not be awar ded. In the event of duplicate winning numbers for pri zes valued at $100 or more, the first winning number presented will be declared the winner for the corresponding prizes. Odds of winning prizes that will be given away are; $35 lable while supplies last. The winning number for the prizes is on the front of the mailer in the address block above the name. Head to the dealership and match your winning number up to the prize board to determine your prize. No two offers ma mail. Mailer prizes are in lieu of any other promotional gifts/items advertised by: Toyota of Hopkinsville, 4395 Fort Campbell Boulevard, Hopkinsville, KY 42240. 2 DAYS ONLY! A A T WAIT! OME IN! JUST STOP IN AND FILL OUT THE REGISTRATION FORM FOR THE RAFFLE! DRAWING WILL BE HELD AT 3PM ON FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS OF EVENT TA kinsvill U’RE GONNA LOVE US TOYOTA OF Hopkinsvill YOU’REGONNALOVEUS AX RELIEF EVENT PARTICIPATE IN OUR ON-SITE RAFFLE giveaway! SAVE EVENT DISCOUNT VOUCHER TO THE ORDER OF: AMOUNT OF UP TO: NON-NEGOTIABLE. NON-TRANSFERABLE. NO CASH VALUE. On pre-owned vehicles priced $15,000 and higher. The $1,000 voucher is in conjunction to the payment balance. . CUSTOMER One Thousand Dollars WEDNESDAY 9am - 7pm FEB 21 TUESDAY 9am - 7pm FEB 20 THURSDAY 9am - 7pm FEB 22 FRIDAY 9am - 7pm FEB 23 SATURDAY 9am - 6pm FEB 24 WEDNESDAY 9am - 7pm FEB 28 TUESDAY 9am - 7pm FEB 27 THURSDAY 9am - 7pm FEB 29 FRIDAY 9am - 7pm MAR 1 SATURDAY 9am - 6pm MAR 2 SALE PRICE: $15,500 STOCK# PB543253 NOWONLY: $247 /MO! * 2016 BUICK ENCORE SALE PRICE: $19,250 STOCK# P1078977 NOWONLY: $316 /MO! * 2018 BUICK REGAL SPORTBACK SALE PRICE: $14,950 STOCK# 4123037 NOWONLY: $236 /MO! * 2016 CHEVROLET SONIC SALE PRICE: $15,000 STOCK# GA74316 NOWONLY: $237 /MO! * 2016 FORD EXPLORER SALE PRICE: $10,850 STOCK# PM159959 NOWONLY: $160 /MO! * 2016 FORD FIESTA SALE PRICE: $10,000 STOCK# D304043 NOWONLY: $144 /MO! * 2015 JEEP PATRIOT SALE PRICE: $12,900 STOCK# HG300817 NOWONLY: $198 /MO! * 2017 KIA SORENTO SALE PRICE: $18,000 STOCK# PC153254 NOWONLY: $293 /MO! * 2018 NISSAN ALTIMA SALE PRICE: $16,000 STOCK# PO195192 NOWONLY: $256 /MO! * 1988 TOYOTA 4RUNNER SALE PRICE: $20,000 STOCK# PU685865 NOWONLY: $330 /MO! * 2017 TOYOTA CAMRY SALE PRICE: $23,000 STOCK# 3084488 NOWONLY: $386 /MO! * 2020 TOYOTA COROLLA SALE PRICE: $22,500 STOCK# S389373 NOWONLY: $377 /MO! * 2017 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER Toyota of Hopkinsville | 4395 Fort Campbell Boulevard, Hopkinsville, KY 42240 | PH: 855-744-1799 LOWER YOUR PAYMENTS! YOU MAY BE ABLE TO UPGRADE YOUR CURRENT VEHICLE AND BAD CREDIT OK! EVERYONE RIDES TODAY! 12 DAYS ONLY! FILE YOUR AXES & GET A REFUND CHECK ON SITE!* TAX SPECIALISTS ON SITE! *Bring inW2s, 1099s and other relevant documents required to le your taxes in compliance with federal & state tax laws. IDENTIFICATION AND MATCH YOUR WINNING NUMBER TO OUR PRIZE BOARD, TO SEE WHAT YOU WON! TOYOTA OF Hopkinsvill YOU’RE GO NA LOVE US TAX RELIEF EVENT